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Our coffee at Sweet Aromas is more than the freshest and best cup of coffee available in Bellefontaine. We interviewed many coffee roasters and chose Hemisphere Coffee Roasters from Mechanicsburg, Ohio as the supplier of our coffee. With Hemisphere Coffee, each order placed is roasted specifically for us and is picked up fresh weekly. We grind our coffee beans as needed so your coffee is always hot, fresh and steaming!

If you are looking for fresh roasted coffee that benefits the coffee growing communities, you have come to the right place. Sweet Aromas and Hemisphere Coffee Roasters is on a mission: to assist coffee growing countries by purchasing coffee directly from farmers who will be a "conduit of blessing" to their entire communities. Many roasters say they help the farmer but it is not real clear how they actually do this. Hemisphere Coffee Roasters has been buying directly from farmers with their sustainability in mind since 2004.

Thanks for your interest in "good coffee"...that is, coffee that is good and is doing good!.

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